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The subject field of an email is the position title field used by you. Sending your resume via email or posting your resume on the internet job board means the same as far as the hiring authority’s first glance is concerned, i.e., your subject field or position title field.

An example of how the system works in a lay person’s terms has been explained as under:

When you come across an ad in the newspaper selling a car, which reads “2012 Car for sale, you can call for inquiries”, when you come across 30 other ads mentioning exactly the same thing.

As you search the market for a car, you won’t have the patience to call every single one of those ads to hunt for more information. Probably, you will randomly pick 4-5 out of those 30 ads to call.

The same is applicable to any human resources or recruitment department person while managing a career opportunity for their company. In case you are not providing information readily and easily to them, and you are not showing how on target you are for the opening, they won’t identify you as a prospect easily.

Job seekers usually put the following titles, which recruiters find very much annoying, because of lack of information:

  1. Any IT Position
  2. Consultant
  3. Management
  4. Sales Representative
  5. Project Manager
  6. Software Developer

If someone is a Software Developer, recruiter will think ‘of what?’ What might be the programming languages he/she knows? If someone is a Sales Representative, recruiter will think ‘what has he/she sold?’ In case of a Project Manager, recruiter will think ‘what projects has he/she worked on?’ If someone is a consultant, recruiter will think ‘can you tell us how to make our business result better?’

A recruiter can’t match you with an open position if you don’t know what exactly you are targeting. The elevator pitch states that the aim should be to express as much information about yourself within the shortest space possible. The pitch is used as a business or a person seeks venture capital or money to back up a new business idea.

If you walk into an elevator with the person who might give you the chance to prove yourself, your new business idea might work and get them to invest.

Now, if you have the investors in full concentration while being alone in the elevator together, your mission is to convince the investor that your idea is dependable, while you have to do it within the time they reach their floor.

Just like every product or service is advertised, one has to market and advertise himself/herself. As companies decide whom to hire, they hunt for the facts like experience, skills, functional, and technical knowledge.

When a resume and the position title mentions ‘Business Analyst US Taxation’, it emerges as a lot easier to understand and marketable to clients, compared to capability of someone who simply puts ‘Business Analyst’.

You should be as specific as possible and should stop being vague. Use adjectives to express yourself and include the same in your cover letter with your position title being very short and to the point.

Do’s & Don’ts regarding position title

Which industry you are seeking a job in?

If you are a Human Resources Manager with healthcare experience, then your industry is healthcare/medical. If you are a Network Administrator with telecom experience, then telecom is your industry.

If you find that your position encompasses more than one industry, use slashes (‘/’) between each industry name, e.g., Healthcare/Insurance (should not be more than 2)

What is the position you want (First things to be mentioned first)?

Once you are just out of school, don’t assume that you can crack a cushy executive position.

Mostly the general titles such as Manager, Engineer, HR, and Admin can be tied with your industry, e.g. Plastics Engineer – CAD with 5 years’ experience

  1. Call Centre Team Manager or Team Supervisor or Team Lead
  2. HR or Administrative Assistant
  3. HR Assistant – SAP with 1 year experience

What are your competencies?

Here, we do not mean your soft skills like ‘good listener’, etc. We require your hard skills, like your experience with particular hardware or software, backed by career achievements.

In case you have some in-demand skill, then incorporate the same, e.g., a sales person could write, ‘Sales/Finance with 5 years’ experience and a Top Earner’ or ‘Top Sales Producer’ or ‘Relationship Builder’, or a software developer could write, ‘Software Developer – C++/VB/Cold Fusion/PHP/J2EE’, or an engineer could write, ‘Sewer Filtration Engineer’, or a Human Resources Assistant with specific HR Software experience could write, ‘HR Assistant – SAP with 1 year experience in Taleo’.

Mention the years of experience

In case you possess 3, 4, 5, or 15+ years’ experience, then you must mention it. Years of experience demonstrates that you are knowledgeable about the industry. You are expected to have contacts and good resources with familiarity in the applications and processes required on job. Also, you might tend to possess a faster learning curve at the new company.

How to mention field and years of experience?

Years and experience can be abbreviated within 40 characters, so we must make good use of them

For 0 years of experience then don’t mention this, rather focus more on the first two points.

Never ever put the words ‘entry level’, unless recruiters request it in the subject heading. To get familiar verify with job listings and read job descriptions.

The general formula for this is as follows:

  1. You can mix it around as you like it
  2. Don’t use the words ‘and, or’, when you have 40 characters to express yourself
  3. Use ‘/’ and ‘&’ instead of ‘or’ and ‘and’
  4. Do not type your complete position title in capital letters, because it’s too hard on the eyes
  5. Use only capital letters as you abbreviate a word into 2 letters or you want to focus on a point


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