Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Brilliant Resumes from other Resume Writing Services?

At Brilliant Resumes, we believe that each Resume should be unique. Each person has a different story to tell, and different expertise to highlight. We know exactly what questions to ask you to ensure we populate your Resume with content most relevant to get you noticed. We persuade you to bring out the best of your talents and create the best selling marketing document for an individual with an exceptional presentation of facts.

Why resume writing prices increases with increase in experience?

A writer needs to devote more time and efforts to complete the task for an experienced client rather than the one at entry level. There is a team of highly-paid resume writing experts to cater you with best output. They have to render huge efforts in understanding and designing career capacities, framing key responsibilities, and highlighting core competencies in the most desired pattern.

What is the requirement of a Cover Letter?

For the purpose of mailing your resume to a company for a specific position, a cover letter is a necessity. Supporting a resume with the cover letter is the best choice to be availed during an online submission.

What should be the inclusions and exclusions in my Resume?

We include your work history, educational background, earned credentials, career summary / objective, and contact information in your resume. Moreover, we don’t reveal certain information to employers to avoid exposing yourself to potential discrimination, like your gender, marital status, religion, or country of origin.

What is the benefit of cutting down a too Long and Wordy Resume?

We don’t incorporate too much info in your resume, to avoid cluttering and length. A two pager resume is the generally accepted rule for Canadian / US / International Resumes (although CV’s may run much longer). Using crisp and specific information in your resume attracts employers’ attention and chances of getting hired.

How is a Visual Resume different from a Text Resume?

Visual resume or infographic resume has the benefit of visualizing the text resume with pictures, logos, and graphs. We use graphic representations of your key highlights and skills to create a visual impact on recruiters.

What is the recruiters’ feedback on a Visual Resume?

Recruiters based across various industries hiring for a variety of experience levels find visual resumes attractive, reader friendly, innovative, and authentic

Direct applications to recruiters through visual / infographic resumes are known to have a very strong effect on recruiters and hiring decision-makers

Can I catch a glimpse of a Sample Visual Resume before I pay?

You can get a glimpse of the samples before paying. Click Here to see some samples

Do I need to send you my Old Resume to avail this service?

We require at least a draft of your Resume to begin our work. In case the resume is not available, you can send us your information through the form provided on the ‘Submit Your Information’ page. Sharing more information leads to coverage of the most important aspects in your profile.

Can I speak or communicate to my resume writer before commencement of work?

Definitely! Our resume writing experts connect with all customers in the pre-development stage to gather inputs. Customers can communicate through email post the pre-development interaction.

It is suggested to pre-schedule further calls with the writer over email so that both you and your writer are comfortable and prepared. Unscheduled calls may not be answered if the writer is with another customer. It is also suggested to share your inputs over email so that they can be recorded.

What is the maximum number of modifications allowed?

We are committed to deliver as per your satisfaction. Hence, we allow multiple iterations until you are completely satisfied with your resume. But it is advised to convey a clear view about your requirements to our consultant in a timely manner to avoid delays and ensure quicker delivery of your documents. To avoid confusion, it is highly suggested that your inputs are clearly articulated and shared over email.

Will I receive PDF or word version of my resume?

You will receive both PDF and Word versions of your textual and visual resumes.

Once I finalize my resume, can I ask for modifications again?

We provide 6 months service for unlimited modifications. Please let us know the changes so that we can incorporate the same in your drafts without additional charges.

Changes and modifications should not constitute a requirement change. For example, if you get a resume prepared for a Sales profile, you cannot ask for it to be changed to Marketing, which would constitute a requirement change, and not a modification. Also, format / template changes are not covered in the 6 months support period.

What should I do once I decide on a package to be taken?

Please click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and proceed with the simple instructions. We will only ask you to fill certain fields to help us in preparing your resume better. You can also choose to skip certain fields if you do not feel the need to give that information.

What is the procedure of developing my resume?

Once a resume order in generated, your personal resume writer gets assigned to you. He or she then analyzes the information submitted by you, following which the writer gets in touch with you for additional information to enrich your resume. He or she goes through every point you submitted to refine it or add value to it. Then your resume will be completely reworded and formatted according to the latest industry standards.

Once developed, the resume is submitted for Quality Assurance, where it is proof read by a member of the editorial team. After it has been checked and approved on quality parameters of accuracy and presentation, the first draft of your new resume will be sent to you for your approval and suggestions. Your suggestions are then incorporated and the resume is mailed to you for further inputs and approval.

The process of changing and working on your resume continues till you are completely satisfied with the document. Once we receive your approval on the developed resume, we close the order with your confirmation.

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Emilia Clarke
“I am thankful to Brilliant for providing such a prompt service, the sales guy and the writer were very cooperative, they customized the resume as per my requirements. All the best to the team!”
Emilia Clarke
Adani Group
Sales & BD Lead
“Completely satisfied with the approach and professional service provided by the team, they presented the facts wonderfully and I could not have asked for something better.”
Emilia Clarke
Senior Operations Manager
“First of all, really eye-catchy templates provided by Brilliant Resumes. Secondly, superior customer service mindset. I must say it’s worth investing for such services.”
Emilia Clarke
Senior Manager
“I fully recommend the customer friendly service provided by them. Shall continue to return as a customer in future as well. A big thanks!”
Emilia Clarke
Larsen & Toubro
HR Manager
“Pocket-friendly services, great results derived from the experience. Thankful for creating such a industry-oriented resume within such a short time span.”
Emilia Clarke
IT Solutions Architect
“They are the best in creating technical profiles. Hats-off to the writer! Highly appreciate and recommend their services to senior and junior technocrats around the globe.”
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