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Job Description of a QA Tester or QA Engineer

Job Description of a QA Tester or QA Engineer

Undermentioned is a QA Tester/Quality Assurance Engineer job description for reference to use while creating a professional resume. Review the educational and functional requirements listed to obtain an insight into what is required to include in your resume and match employers’ needs in this field.


A QA Tester or Quality Assurance Engineer is usually a skilled professional entrusted with ensuring the quality, functionality, and reliability of software applications or products via vehement testing and validation processes. QA Testers majorly identify defects, suggest improvements, and ensure that software attains established quality standards. They harmonize with development teams to enhance overall quality of products prior to release.

Functional Role

Creating test plans and strategies in alignment with project requirements and specifications

Developing comprehensive test cases and test scripts across various use cases and scenarios

Executing both manual and automated tests to identify defects and establish software functionality

Spotting, documenting, and tracking defects using issue tracking systems

Performing regression testing to ensure zero defects on introduction of software updates and changes

Conducting performance testing to assess responsiveness, scalability, and stability of applications

Coordinating with users to conduct UAT and meet user expectations via software

Designing and maintaining automated test scripts to modify testing efficiency and coverage

Developing and maintaining test documentation across test plans, test cases, and test reports

Offering feedback and suggestions to improve development processes and product quality

Educational and Other Requirements

You should hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or any related field typically

Relevant work experience pertaining to quality assurance or testing roles will be in high demand

Expertise in testing tools like Selenium, JIRA, TestRail, etc. is required

Knowledge in various testing methodologies, including manual testing, automation testing, and regression testing is a necessity

You must have experience using bug tracking and issue management systems for defect tracking

Technical Skills like understanding of programming languages, databases, and software development concepts is also a must

Robust attention to detail to identify and document defects accurately is required

Effective communication skills are a necessity to collaborate with development teams and report test results

Problem-solving abilities and analytical skills are needed to troubleshoot issues and propose solutions

Ability to adapt with dynamic project requirements and environments is also a must


QA Testers/Quality Assurance Engineers deliver high-quality software products by means of identifying and addressing defects very early during the development lifecycle. Their in-depth testing processes and dedication towards quality ensure meeting user expectations and functional reliability using software applications under various environments. Reach out to Brilliant Resumes, the Best Resume Writing Services in India, today to grab your copy of professional resume customized according to specific job requirements within affordable resume prices.



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