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Video Resume Script is a Tool to Ride the New Wave of Hiring Process

Video Resume Script is a Tool to Ride the New Wave of Hiring Process

As the recruitment process evolves consistently, we thank digitalization and the rise in remote working styles. Hence, job seekers tend to be innovative in this competitive job search initiative. A unique method is to include a video along with their job applications.

This is currently the trend in some industries, including advertising, design, entertainment, fashion, etc. Therefore, one needs to effectively write a video resume script to ensure standing out from the stream of qualified candidates.

Today, we’ll discuss about video resumes and reason why they are becoming a necessity across certain professions, along with the art of crafting a compelling video resume script.

What do we mean by a Video Resume?

By video resume we mean a short video usually lasting for 1-2 minutes and being used to interactively introduce oneself, with one’s qualifications and personality to recruiters. It is generally used to portray one’s skills and relevant experience thereby demonstrating the reasons for being the best candidate for the job.

A video resume usually provides hiring managers with a glimpse of one’s character, while creating a good first impression. Similar to a traditional resume, a video resume focuses on key points like educational background, work history, and interests, hence being a strategic mode to answer the million-dollar question of job interviewers: “Why should we hire you?”

Using a video resume one can verbally respond to the question with confidence, while arousing the interest of potential employers.

Is it a good idea to create Video Resumes?

Within today’s fast-paced environment and as far as recruitment is concerned, the power of visuals matters. We truly live in a space where people are running after convenience, for which our attention span shrinks. But, job seekers can beat this, not only by submitting a resume that clears the 6-second eye test, but with a captivating video resume.

There are several advantages of video resumes, including demonstrating one’s confidence, charisma, and enthusiasm directly to employers. Creative fields like marketing, acting, or design are very much apt for application of video resumes. Moreover, they have the power to bridge geographical distances, thereby allowing remote job seekers to establish a personal bond with potential employers. Hence, they are actually a good idea.

How to develop a Video Resume Script?

Developing an effective video resume begins with a well-ideated script. Follow the guide to help you create an engaging and professional video resume script.

  1. Commence with a strong introduction including your name, a brief background overview, and the position you’re applying for, while being concise and engaging.
  2. Focus on major experiences and achievements relevant to the job, along with the specific skills, qualifications, and accomplishments aligned with the job description.
  3. Confer upon your unique skills and qualities that make you an ideal candidate, along with mention of soft skills like teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving, with technical proficiencies.
  4. Demonstrate how passionate you are about the industry or company, and reason why you’re the perfect choice for the role, while connecting your skills and experiences to the employer’s requirements.
  5. Conclude with a strong closing statement by expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity and inviting further discussion on the same.

How to prepare a Video Resume?

As we know, a video resume is a tool to introduce oneself with a snapshot of one’s skills and experiences. It’s a unique way to create a memorable first impression and demonstrate one’s communication skills. So, if you want to get noticed by hiring managers, creating a video resume is a wise move.

Prior to shooting your video resume, there are certain technical aspects one needs to consider. Following is the checklist:

  1. Using good-quality equipment including camera, microphone, and lighting to develop clear visuals and audio.
  2. Choosing a well-lit, quiet, and clutter-free location or environment for filming the same.
  3. Dressing professionally in a good attire and in accordance with the industry norms.
  4. Delivering clear speech while maintaining eye contact with the camera, and being mindful of your body language.

Steps to create a Video Resume

You can follow the following steps towards creating a catchy video resume.

  1. Create a captivating video resume script by commencing with a strong and engaging introduction. Briefly state your name with an overview of your background, along with the specific position you’re aspiring to secure, while maintaining conciseness and engagement.
  2. Record yourself with a camera and film yourself using the script you wrote. Although, it might turn out to be awkward or intimidating to record a video resume by yourself, but it’s about authenticity and compelling messaging, which should be followed by video editing software to edit your video.
  3. Share your video resume script and submit it along with your CV and cover letter to your target companies. You might also upload it to job search engines like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

What contents should be there in a Video Resume?

To ensure that recruiters remember you, submit a video resume as a supplementary tool with your resume and cover letter, to demonstrate important details to help employers ideate if you’re qualified to take up the job.

An all-inclusive video resume should comprise the following essential components:

  1. Use an elevator pitch to express why you’re the best candidate concisely.
  2. Create a professional summary to gist your career goals and key strengths.
  3. Mention your work experience by highlighting your accomplishments.
  4. Mention about your educational background, including degrees and certifications.
  5. List out the technical and soft skills that are relevant to the job.
  6. Opt whether to include references or state whether they are available upon request.

Video Resume Tips that will land your Dream Job

To generate lasting impression with your video resume, consider these tips:

  1. Practice and rehearse your script until you’re ok with the content and delivery, where you can ask for feedback from your peers to improve your delivery.
  2. Keep your video resume concise within the 1- to 2-minute range.
  3. Tailor and customize your video resume to match the specific job and company.
  4. Let your personality be showcased that will shine through while staying professional.
  5. Edit your video meticulously for clarity, while removing any distractions or mistakes, better if you could use reliable video editing software.

Increase your job chances with a Professional Video Resume Script

Reach out to Brilliant Resumes today to stand out from the crowd by crafting a standout video resume script that can be a game-changer in your job search. It’s vital to have a video resume script written by experts. We have the perfect team for you, where our professional writers would help you create a video resume script to convey your unique qualities and experiences, with lasting impression on potential employers.

Take the first step toward your dream job with a video resume script that communicates what you can bring to the table. Our effective pricing will be an icing on the cake so that you get the best quality video resume at extremely affordable prices.



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