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What are the steps to create Your Personal Brand?


As we all know, renowned Apple CEO Steve Jobs developed and established a robust, innovative, and outstanding personal brand that emerged as a bigger one by each passing day. Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, has been quoted as saying that Jobs’ vision and leadership has guided Apple towards its position as the most innovative and valuable technology company across the globe.

As a result, Apple’s future is still an upbeat. During his resignation, Jobs mentioned that he believed Apple’s brightest and most innovative days were lying ahead of it.

Steve Jobs’ reputation acts as an accurate model of how necessary personal branding is for establishing customer loyalty and targeting market success. It is almost similar to any company’s branding where one just needs to adopt the same concepts.

Specific images and icons can be associated with the brands they represent. Developing a unique approach for personal branding is required not only to maximize a candidate’s opportunities for exposure, but also for building a career that distinguishes him/her from others.

Whatever be the brand symbol a candidate develops, it should also reflect his/her personality, educational and experience background, and interests.

Following are some of the tips to help a candidate structure his/her personal branding statements and project himself/herself to the world, just in the manner a company does:

Developing a personal brand

The initial step in marketing oneself to a public audience is all about how people see the candidate. Hence first, he/she needs to organize what he/she likes to do, his/her goals, and how he/she wants people to see him/her and feel.

Designing the brand and promoting the same

In case of a product, we notice how a company interacts with their clients. The same thing is visible in the type of advertisement companies choose and methods in which they make themselves available. Eventually, it transpires that their visual and verbal vocabulary is portrayed via design, advertisement, and networking.

Therefore, one needs to take care of the image and plan the actions, because visibility tends to equal credibility.

Using multiple social networking tools

One should apply the effectiveness of LinkedIn and Facebook to fully optimize his/her public profile and also promote oneself. These social and professional networking websites expand one’s network and help reach people who might prove beneficial.

This will assist a candidate in getting noticed. So one has to use a visual and verbal vocabulary that suits what he/she wants to transmit.

Applying emotions to showcase the brand

A candidate applying to jobs must have a vision. He/she must let people understand what he/she thinks about things happening around, which makes him/her sound approachable and involved in other people’s causes.

Companies possessing a vision statement and ethics remain interested in clients’ lives and are most likely to succeed. So, one must establish a target so that one’s goals are clear to the public.

Putting oneself into that target’s shoes

A candidate must put himself/herself in the target hirer/recruiter’s shoes to comprehend why he/she is an expert in doing something and how he/she can be useful to other people. Considering Steve Jobs as an example again, he said that Apple’s employers ask themselves what they would want as clients, which is now the company’s motto.

Maintaining the public image

One’s public image benefits him/her in multiple ways. Everything one does impacts his/her image, including online presence, communication skills, resume-writing style, and even how one dresses.

Only a few seconds can create a lasting impression, so it’s important one gets it right the first time. One must ensure that that personal brand reflects oneself with a continuous effort to improve it.

Promoting the message on the road

One must market his/her brand and message. Taking it to the next level requires visiting in person to events providing networking opportunities, while getting together with people in the same field and strengthening professional connections.

Clarifying accomplishments rather than persuading

Developing a brand is more than just selling the product, or rather oneself in this case. The best method to gain credibility, after making oneself visible, is to educate the audience.

He/she needs to clarify the accomplishments, use numbers, facts, and ROI (Return on Investment), with a clear view about what one can do and what has already been done by him/her. One must not persuade by selling, but by educating.

It is one of the sophisticated strategies that a brand like Apple has been using to capitalize their success.

No matter what, one must keep in mind that the brand he/she presents must be consistent.


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