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How to Write a Management CV

How to Write a Management CV

How to Write a Management CV
In case you are not sure about the method to write a management CV, Brilliant Resumes will explain everything you need to know in that regard in this guide.
Management roles in the professional world consists of a wide range of roles, but it can either be creation of a project management CV or crafting of a senior leadership CV, we’ll explain everything.
Recruiters are always hunting for good project managers against an attractive pay-out. Almost two-thirds (65%) of project managers experienced an increase in their pay in 2022.
The average salary for entry level project managers is INR 28 Lac, rising to an average of INR 75 Lac for experienced employees. We can now take a look at how to create a top-notch management CV.
Basics of a compelling Project Management CV
Commence with the basics, including selecting the best type of CV for you out of the several CV options available.
Always use a clear CV layout and never use complicated formatting in your CV.
In case you have a master CV, you can make a copy and then customize it as per the job description. For starting from scratch, we are offering an all-inclusive guide to writing a CV.
For sending a CV promptly, ensure that you utilize enough time to check it for any mistakes multiple times. It will be very unprofessional if you have errors on your CV.
In case you need some examples of an outstanding CV headline or tricks to write the perfect CV ending, we’ll provide you with the guide.
Skills in a Manager’s CV
Even though you are writing a project management CV or a CV for a different role, you have to comply with the job advertisement you’re responding to. So you have to cite relevant hard and soft skills required or desired.
Incorporating a key skills section is a way to demonstrate to employers that possess those skills. Apart from that, you can modify your skillset into your personal statement or a career history section in case you prefer.
Including the appropriate skills may boost your project management CV in bypassing the applicant tracking system (ATS) software.
You can also include relevant hard skills to showcase expertise in a project management methodology like PRINCE2, Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, etc.
A project management CV might include some of the skills like Deadline Management, Risk Management, Budgeting, Negotiating, Troubleshooting, Supplier Management, Procurement, Team Management, and Data Analysis.
It is a truth that lying is illegal on the CV. So, don’t claim to have skills that you haven’t acquired, so that you can escape getting caught eventually.
The skills to be showcased are a bit different for a senior management role. Even if you are established in a high position up the career ladder, your skills should include company growth, commercial acumen, change management, strong leadership, people management, strong communication, department management, and stakeholder management.
Mostly, you might have to demonstrate evidence of the skills incorporated. Some of the skills will be extra useful for the role than others, so determine the ones that are most relevant.
Claims should be supported with evidence
Demonstrate a few statistics on the CV to showcase your impact in previous roles.
As a project manager, mention your involvement in diverse projects leading to great successes. For senior management, show how you have contributed to a company’s success.
Mention the number of staff you’ve managed or the number of client accounts you’ve looked after, etc.
Incorporate relevant financial figures too, including efficient use of a budget or sales figure that you can directly related to your management style.
The relevant statistics or facts and figures will best explain your accomplishments. You can also use the STAR method of resume and ensure that you’ve covered the situation, task, action, and result.
A compelling project management CV contains multiple concrete examples to prove your claims. They can sound very generalized, and recruiters may find it difficult to discover how you stand out compared to other applicants.
In case you want to incorporate a long or complex STAR example with a little space on your project management CV, you can add it to your supporting statement instead. You might also take out the time to write a cover letter to make you stand out.
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