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How to Write A CV?

Methods to highlight Leadership Skills on CXO or C-Level Resume

Methods to highlight Leadership Skills on CXO or C-Level Resume
Job applications via sending out of CVs to potential recruiters are usually considered daunting. Whatever profession or company one is applying for, most hiring managers majorly notice your CV hence, it has to be perfect. A well-crafted CV can increase your possibilities of getting an interview call with the potential employers. Today, we will discuss a CV, its types, its essential features, and methods to write a CV.
What is a CV and Why is it so Important?
CV, as we know, is short form of Curriculum Vitae, a Latin term meaning course of life. It basically summarizes work experience, education, awards, accolades, scholarships, grants, research, projects, and publications all together in a single document. A CV might also consist of your contact details with an objective statement. To be brief, a CV is a document that allows the candidate to showcase himself/herself in front of a potential employer.
The way you craft your CV prior to applying for the job, is very crucial since it sets you apart from the numerous applications for a particular job. It markets your skills, talents, and expertise, while portraying your suitability for the position. Employers assess job applications and often request a CV to shortlist the candidates based on the same.
How to Craft A CV?
Knowing the techniques to write a good CV will help candidates go further in their career. The following points can be reviewed for writing a CV:
Include a Header as an Introduction
Included your full name and other details like job or professional title, mobile numbers, home address, email address, and links to social media profile right at the top as the header. It allows recruiters to comprehend who you are and how to contact you at one go. You can also opt to add a link to your website or portfolio, which gives recruiters an idea of the quality of the work you did till date.
Include a Professional Summary (Optional)
You can add a professional summary to your CV as a brief but informative statement to emphasize on your essential skills that separate you from competition. You can also highlight a few major accomplishments and showcase your career goals, to enable hiring managers quickly glance through your CV and grasp your candidature.
List your Career History
List your professional experience in a reverse chronological order, by including your job title, name of company, tenure of jobs, and the responsibilities handled on a daily basis. Your prospective employers would get an idea of your career and understand whether your experience is relevant to the post applied for and if your candidature is suitable for the position.
Mention your Educational Qualifications in detail
List down your education details with the highest degree on top, and include names of institutions, degrees you obtained, and marks you scored. In case you are currently pursuing a diploma or a certificate course, you can add that as well over here.
Include relevant Skills and Achievements
Don’t miss out to include all skills that might be relevant for the intended role. In order to make yourself a more appealing candidate, mention talents that comply with the job description. Ensure adding both hard and soft skills, so that it can make you appear like a well-rounded and desirable candidate.
Incorporate Additional Details
You can also include relevant sections and arrange the details under bullet points. Anything like awards and honors or grants and scholarships you have received can be included. Apart from that, you can include your licenses and certifications, while adding details of any volunteer work you are doing or did in the past. It will make your CV look impressive, while being a good topic of discussion at the interview.
Types of CV Templates
The two standard formats that you can use to craft an impressive CV are mentioned below:
Chronological CV: In case your work history reflects a steady growth in your area of expertise with a proven work experience in the same sector, you may choose a work-focused or chronological format for your CV. It is perfect for candidates who intend to advance in the same career or industry.
Functional CV: In case you have finished college and currently exploring the professional workforce for the first time, have several employment gaps, or want to change your career, a functional or skill-focused CV should be the best option. It mainly focuses on your skills rather than the employment history.
Some Tips and Tricks to Write an Impactful CV:
You must use professional fonts which are uniformly sized. You fonts like Calibri or Arial in dark colors.
Select the best format and consider if using a chronological or a functional format will be the right option for you.
Don’t forget to include relevant skills along with the most critical details and skills that apply to your desired job, while trying to focus on them.
Use an active language and active verbs while presenting your skills and achievements.
Ensure to make it easy to scan and consider using bullet points and short sentences to enlist your information, while adding icons to the section headers.
You have to use a professional email address. You can create a new email address if your email id is unsuitable for professional use.
You must proofread and use a grammar and spell checker. A friend can also read through your CV to detect possible errors.
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