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Ongoing resume writing trends in 2024

Ongoing resume writing trends in 2024

Ongoing resume writing trends in 2024

Your resume is the turning point in your career that can either set you apart or blend you in, so working on it becomes a priority. As we approach the start of the 2024 financial year, it is imperative to stay up-to-date on future resume trends in the labor market. It refers to moving along with new trends and opportunities and staying ahead of contemporaries.

With rapid technological advances and a focus on digital presence in the job market of 2023, recruiters need candidates who can adapt, create, and brand themselves. Changes in how CVs are presented and formatted mean you need to use the latest CV writing styles to showcase your experience and skills. It has become necessary that trends are reflected in your CV and evolve according to the demands of modern trends, either on your own or through a CV writing service.

Top Resume Writing Trends in 2024

It is important to stay on top of resume writing trends to stay ahead of the job market. Whether you go to a resume writing service or do it yourself, knowing the trends is essential.

  1. Skills Summaries

2024 is the era of digital presence, and advances in technology have required job seekers to limit their digital skills.
• The emphasis has shifted to resumes that demonstrate an applicant’s strong and soft skills rather than just qualifications.
• CNBC reported on July 13, 2022, that the creation of apprenticeship programs has increased significantly, and 93% of companies are looking for candidates with soft skills.

  1. Personalization and Personalization

How do you feel when you search for a specific company with certain features and get an irrelevant list? The same thing happens with recruiters: they look for specific skills in an employee.

  • Tailoring a CV to a specific job has become a trend. You can no longer use the same CV every time, but cover specific points that are important for the job.
    • This is one of the latest trends in resume writing, where you tailor your resume to the job. If the job requires, for example, marketing experience, you should highlight your marketing skills and experience.


  1. Visual Resumes

What if we told you that you could create a dynamic, visually striking resume? The change in trend has resulted in the introduction of visual features in CVs to help you make a convincing presentation.

  • Add a video presentation to your resume and links to your portfolio to visualize your life experience and grab the attention of employers.
    • You can also add bar charts, pie charts, or line charts to show your skills, knowledge, or business growth over time to communicate things more attractively in line with new trends in resume writing.


  1. Approach to Storytelling

Creating a story about your journey, experiences, and skills can be interactive, engaging, and engaging, which has become the new trend in CV writing.
• Understand the job description and requirements, then craft a compelling story about your skills and experience.
• Use a catchy headline and bullet points to emphasize your story, but don’t overdo it. Instead, you can ask for help from a resume writer.


  1. Data-Driven Resumes

You don’t have enough skills and qualifications; let the numbers do the talking! Quantifying your CV and going through data can be a big hit in getting the company you want, and this is another CV writing trend in 2024.

  • Data-driven resumes are more likely to attract the attention of recruiters because they are tangible evidence of what you say and provide visible evidence of your excellence.
    • For example, choose “20% annual productivity growth” or “developed strategy resulting in a 30% increase in conversion rates” instead of “leads a large team.”
  1. Mobile Phone Optimization

As the world synchronizes on the small screens of mobile phones, you must understand that your CV is no longer viewed only on a laptop but also scrolled on a mobile phone.

  • It is important that your resume fits on mobile screens and can be viewed without interruption on any Android or iOS device.
    • Edit and format your resume, simplifying it with visible fonts and mobile-friendly formatting to adapt it to current trends in resume writing and make it accessible to anyone, anytime.
  1. AI Integration

With the increasing use of AI and NLP tools like Bard or ChatGPT

at best, the use of AI in continuous production has grown rapidly. About 25% of Gen Z are already using AI to build their resumes. But relying on AI can backfire, so use it wisely.

  • Asking for advice and looking at AI-generated CVs can help, as can extracting specific keywords from job descriptions and including them with formatting in your CV.
    • Also, give your resume a human touch by following the latest trends in resume writing. Be specific when using AI, like asking it to improve your existing resume, create drafts, or provide specific instructions.

Practical Tips for Implementation

  1. Update Existing CVs to Reflect Current Trends
  1. Change the formatting to an easy-to-read format and modern design, and avoid fancy decorations. Try to keep it simple and interesting. For example, avoid colourful borders or overused graphics and use bullets and clear headings.
    • Include relevant keywords in the job description, so the applicant tracking system (ATS) can track your resume. For example, if the job description says “leadership skills,” be sure to highlight your leadership skills.
    • Add numbers and information to your existing resume to assess your accomplishments and skills.  This emphasizes the impact of your roles.  For example, instead of “increased sales” add “sales increased by 15% in six months
    • You need to create a dynamic summary to rebrand yourself and highlight your uniqueness”. Updating your resume with modern trends and being a head of the world is the need for the day.
  1. Tailoring Resumes for Different Industries or Career Levels
  • Understand and research the preferences of your target industries and format your resume according to their standards. For example, an engineering company may want a more visually appealing resume, while an industrial company may prefer a traditional format.
    • If you want to tailor your resume to an industry or career level, focus on highlighting skills and experience relevant to your target industry. For example, if you are targeting sales, focus on sales skills.
    • Use specific terms and language relevant to your target audience and enrich your resume, as you present your expertise. For example, in technical fields, using terms like “programming language” instead of just writing “computer skills”.
    • Adjust the length of your resume according to your experience and professional career. For example, a new employee may have a 1-page resume, while a professional may have a 2-page resume.

Keep writing in 2024.

Here is a table showing what will be allowed and what will continue to be banned in 2024.


Tips for what to do in resume writing:

  1. Stick to a clear, uncomplicated, and modern format.
  2. Tailor your resume for the job description.
  3. Showcase and focus on relevant skills and experience.
  4. Add required skills and a professional email address.
  5. Add links to your digital portfolio and projects.
  6. Add relevant keywords to your job posting.
  7. Prepare your CV before sending, which should not contain too much jargon, technical terms, or hi-fi words.
  8. Make your resume is ATS-friendly.
  9. Make your resume short, to the point, without needing to increase the length of your resume.


Tips for what not to do in resume writing:
  1. Don’t fill your resume with too much information.
  2. Don’t look for a general resume with custom and specification.
  3. Don’t emphasize on skills and experience with outdated information.
  4. Your employer can contact you, so avoid exaggerating your skills and using unprofessional email addresses with the wrong fonts.
  5. Avoid adding wrong experiences and projects to your CV.
  6. Don’t choose an outdated and generic file format or resume, and don’t store irrelevant keywords.
  7. Don’t include too much jargon, technical terms, or hi-fi words.
  8. Don’t go for the same outdated resume format which is not ATS friendly.
  9. Don’t unnecessarily increase the length of the resume.


Want to make changes to your resume to adapt to the trends of 2024? The field of CV Writing has undergone evolutionary changes in 2024, combining creativity, uniqueness, innovation, adaptability and awareness of the labour market and employer requirements.
Candidates who elevate their resumes or keep their writing style in line with the latest trends will gain an edge over their competition. If you want to stand, out, you need to customize your resume, or you can turn to professional resume services that focus on creating attractive professional resumes with eye-catching features to make you stand out from the crowd, and get the latest trends and views of employers or jobs for a custom resume.



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