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Why are LinkedIn recommendations important? 

Why are LinkedIn recommendations important? 

LinkedIn Endorsements are statements and endorsements by other LinkedIn members who work directly or indirectly with you professionally. Your profile will display these LinkedIn recommendations as proof of your skills, ethics, and experience in the field.

Here are four more reasons why LinkedIn recommendations are essential.


  1. LinkedIn mentions are proof of community.


Social proof is more important than ever because it allows you to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and an expert in your field rather than relying on your own words and self-promotion. You can talk all you want about your qualifications and achievements, but at the end of the day, what matters most is what people say about you.


  1. They allow employers to better understand your career path, skills, and

Recruiters can see in your LinkedIn recommendations a list of all the companies you’ve worked for, as well as what your former colleagues said about your performance. It will be an advantage if the recommender is someone the recruiter knows or has connections with.


  1. LinkedIn recommendations are verifiable references.

The best thing about LinkedIn recommendations is that they are visible to anyone who views your profile. Best of all, each tip is linked to the author’s LinkedIn profile. To further research and screen candidates, any potential employer, recruiter, or hiring manager is just one click away from providing a referral profile.


  1. LinkedIn recommendations improve your ranking in LinkedIn search


The ability to rank higher in search results is another major benefit of LinkedIn recommendations, especially when they’re filled with relevant and industry-specific keywords that recruiters can use in their searches. By using strong keywords in the LinkedIn Recommendations section, you can optimize and improve your profile’s placement in recruitment and company search results.


Benefits of getting a strong LinkedIn recommendation.


Here are some of the benefits of adding LinkedIn influencer recommendations to your to-do list:

Show what you can do.

Your key accomplishments, along with the talents and qualities you used to succeed, are listed for each job on your LinkedIn profile. Credibility can be enhanced with the written approval of the supervisor. He praises your performance and reassures you about the skills you mentioned.


General evidence

Today, the public can learn about your skills and abilities through LinkedIn recommendations. The reputation of the person writing the recommendation is at risk because it is linked to their personal profile. Make sure that everyone who views your profile can see your suggestions by setting your public profile settings accordingly.

Signs of important candidates

Your recommendations on LinkedIn can help you stand out from other potential clients. Reminding people of the details, skills, and projects you want them approved for is one way to get them to respond to your referral request.

How to request LinkedIn recommendations?

Here are a few ways to ask for LinkedIn recommendations:

  1. Focus your applications on the communications that best demonstrate your qualifications. 


While each referral will increase the value of your profile, pursuing multiple opportunities may not be the best strategy. Instead, choose only the people who are most likely to support you. Choose people who already thank you for your work or whose work is made easier by your contribution.


  1. Start hot and direct approach. 


When asking current colleagues or people you interact with regularly for advice, start the conversation informally. Mention your desire to improve your LinkedIn profile and ask for suggestions. Conversely, if you don’t see each other often, just say “hi” via whatever means you use to communicate (LinkedIn, email, etc.). Start with a friendly greeting, and then strike up a light conversation. After a brief discussion, tell the person you are contacting to ask if they would like to recommend you on LinkedIn.

  1. Make sure they are not stressed. 


Writing a letter of recommendation takes a lot of time and effort and can damage the writer’s credibility. Any perception of force or pressure will negatively affect the seriousness with which your application is taken. It’s important to make sure people are comfortable with the idea, and you can do this by giving them a chance to “get out.” Be sure to make it clear that you are only making a request and that you do not need their participation.


Examples of inspiring LinkedIn testimonials

The following templates and examples can be modified to help you create strong LinkedIn recommendations. Here are some examples of LinkedIn recommendations.

Examples of LinkedIn recommendations for students.

“Holly has worked as a part-time employee in our campus cafe for two years and has impressed me as a manager with her leadership skills and work ethic. She is a dedicated and hardworking young woman who maintains a strong sense of humor. To satisfy his customers, he is always willing to exceed their expectations. Any cafe that needs a manager or server will benefit from hiring them.”

Examples of LinkedIn recommendations for connections


“George goes to great lengths to solve any AI problem. We have worked together on many different projects, and every time I see him at work, I see that he is an extremely talented professional and dedicated to our company. In addition, he is a unique person! Highly recommended for anyone looking for help with an AI project or team.”

Tips for writing compelling LinkedIn recommendations

The best LinkedIn recommendation examples online are based on the same basic principles. Briefly describe your relationship with the person; strengthen the specific skills of the person you recommend; Avoid strict but meaningful statements and include a lasting and impressive statement.


To help you write great recommendations on LinkedIn, let’s discuss these principles one by one.


  1. Briefly describe your relationship.

Of course, the best LinkedIn recommendation examples should explain why you are trustworthy enough to make a recommendation. Do you work for the same company or simply collaborate on a parallel project? How long have you been working with them? Are you a partner or colleague on a specific project? Make sure you provide a strong enough statement to communicate the importance of why they should respect your proposal. Also, be sure to reiterate that your experience working with him was definitely positive and meaningful.


  1. Compliment the specific skills of the person you are recommending.

Be sure not to make vague statements about the recommendations you write. You won’t find examples of LinkedIn recommendations that say, “John would be a great addition to your team.” While this can be a positive compliment, be sure to mention why John is a great addition to your team. Is it a reliable accountant? Has John performed well in the ad campaigns you’ve worked on? Was John a model editor for the book you published last year?

  1. Avoid rude expressions.

This helps make your recommendations more personal and less professional. This way, people reading your recommendations will feel like they are reading recommendations written by real people. Just like you would talk to someone face-to-face, turn it into a conversation if you can. If you write a very strict and professional letter of recommendation, it will look like you are writing someone’s resume in paragraph form. A good LinkedIn certificate template should be easy to read and interesting.

  1. Keep it short and meaningful.

No one wants to read a short story about how someone did a great job while working with you. Good recommendations should be simple. Keep it simple and sweet. Don’t beat around the bush, and make sure that when someone reads your testimonial, it’s easy to understand. Make sure that after they read your recommendation, they won’t hesitate to consider the person you recommended, and they won’t hesitate to consider your recommendation.

  1. Include a lasting and impressive statement. 


More often than not, an impressive and lasting call to action usually comes at the end of a story. That said, feel free to put it elsewhere in your recommendations. Just make sure it delivers the results and attention you want.


Also, be sure to reiterate the goal of this tip: hire specific people with specific skills. Include something like, “If you’re looking for an effective freelance writer to join your team, [insert name] is definitely the perfect candidate.” Or, “Since I worked with her on this specific campaign, [insert name] is one of my top choices for graphic design.”

Remember: The best examples of LinkedIn recommendations you’ll find online are those with a clear and specific goal. Online recommendations should be as effective as those we hear face-to-face and be able to convince readers to care more about that person. This should be enough to pique the interest of potential employers and motivate them to learn more about the skills relevant to the position.


Finally, if you find yourself receiving a LinkedIn recommendation, be sure to express your appreciation for the gesture. Now that you know how useful this can be for your online profile, it’s a good idea to thank your contacts for going the extra mile.


Take advantage of LinkedIn recommendations for professional development.
Here are some expert tips to help you use LinkedIn to advance your career.

Build a professional profile.

The first step to professional success with LinkedIn is to create a professional profile. It should include a description of your background and current position. List relevant work experience, skills, and education with the current photo. You can also provide a link to your online resume or personal website. 

Consider network capabilities.

Use LinkedIn’s networking capabilities to connect with potential employers, colleagues, and business contacts. Use the search box to find people with similar interests and backgrounds. To expand your network, participate in conversations and make new connections.

Connect with groups and participate in conversations.

Another great way to get more visibility on LinkedIn is to join groups and participate in discussions. Find groups in your area of expertise and join the discussion by leaving a comment or posting a thoughtful article. You can learn a lot and make meaningful connections through meaningful interactions with others.

Share your experience. 

On LinkedIn, you can showcase your talents and skills by sharing your experiences and accomplishments. Highlight your efforts and draw attention to your profile with photos, videos, and other types of media.

A big boost for recruits. 

To find potential candidates for job opportunities, recruiters use LinkedIn. Improve your profile to stand out among recruiters. Include keywords relevant to the position you’re applying for, as well as any relevant skills or certifications you may have.



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