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How to Structure a Professional Cover Letter

A professional cover letter is considered to be a document that is usually sent along with a resume or job application.

The primary purpose of a cover letter is to introduce oneself and explain the reason a person is qualified for the position he/she is applying for. Hence, the cover letter should be strong enough to impress the recruiter.

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Best Practices to Create a Cover Letter in 2023

During job hunting, the cover letter creates the first impression. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure that the cover letter is polished to make the best possible impression on potential employers.

Undermentioned are a few tips to write a professional cover letter in 2023:

Commence with a Strong Opening

The cover letter should commence with a strong opening to catch the reader’s attention and compel them to keep reading. You should avoid starting the cover letter with generic phrases, rather you should try to begin the letter with something engaging and unique.

Highlight Your Relevant Skills and Experience

Ensure to highlight skills and experience most relevant to the job being applied for. Avoid incorporating too much information, rather focus on a few major points to showcase the reason you are the best fit for the position.

Apply a Strong and Concise Language

Always know that the lesser the words, the better it is. You should not use flowery or complex language, rather focus on using clear, robust, and concise language to emphasize your point quickly and effectively.

Proofread at least once

Make sure to proofread the letter carefully to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors. It will be really unprofessional to use a cover letter with typos and other mistakes.

Comply with the Instructions

Follow all instructions provided by the employer in the job listing. Any kind of specific information asked for should be included in your cover letter.



How to Address when the Name of Recipient in Unknown

Since, this letter is an opportunity to introduce oneself to a potential employer, the very first thing one needs to focus on is to figure out methods to address it. 

In case one doesn’t have the name of the person to write to, there might be a few options one can use.

If you know the company’s name but not the recipient’s name, you can use a generic reference using “Dear Hiring Manager.” If the company’s name is also unknown, you can use a less formal greeting such as “Hi there” or “Hello”.



Worst Possible Ways to Start a Cover Letter

While writing the Cover Letter, avoid the following things:

  1. Addressing the wrong company or contact. 
  2. Forgetting to update your contact information. 
  3. Using an unprofessional email address.
  4. Typo in the company name or contact’s name.
  5. Starting with “To Whom it May Concern.” 
  6. Failing to explain why you’re a good fit for the position. 
  7. Repeating the same information from your resume. 
  8. Focusing only on accomplishments and qualifications.
  9. Failing to proofread. 
  10. Sending a generic cover letter. 



Tips to Email your Cover Letter and Resume

  1. One must follow the best practices for emailing cover letter and resume to a recruiter:
  2. Use a professional email address and avoid using addresses that are casual or include offensive language. Ensure to check your email for spelling and grammar errors before sending.
  3. Include a subject line to accurately reflect the content of your email. Use a subject line like “Application for Customer Service Representative” or “Seeking Marketing Internship Position.”
  4. Include your contact information in the email body to enable the recipient to easily get in touch with you if case they have any questions or is interested to set up an interview.
  5. Sustain a brief email body and don’t include a lengthy message, rather state why you’re emailing and provide a link to your cover letter and resume.
  6. Follow up with the recipient with a brief email a few days later to check if receipt of your information. If they did, be sure to express your continued interest in the position.




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