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5 Essential Tips for Developing a Captivating Video Resume

5 Essential Tips for Developing a Captivating Video Resume

Somehow, are you planning to apply for a dream job, or are you getting ready to switch from your existing employment to one of the top MNCs? The first step is to create an outstanding resume that portrays you as an asset for the new organization.

You might opt for the latest trend in resume writing services, i.e., Video Resumes, and you must know how to create them expressively. Since, the employment market has considerably changed in the last few decades, and today’s competition being fierce, the resume creation process is transforming for ongoing changes in technology that has revolutionized all industries.

Hence, if you are bent upon creating a Video CV, you need to make it more competitive. A closer look at the Video Resume concept would help you a lot.

What is a Video Resume?

A Video Resume is a video portrayal about yourself and your experience that outlines your educational qualifications, strengths and weaknesses, objective, and professional experience. It is not only a conversion of your Professional Resume from a paper form into a video form, but it is a unique way to showcase your personality, using a good first impression and emphasis on talents and skills.

Experience and other essentials including areas of interest, background, training, and reasons behind hiring you have to be explained. A Video Resume portrays your personality and the kind of an employee you are.

Why Create a Video Resume?

Video Resumes are better than Paper Resume Formats because they help showcase your skills comprehensively in a highly competitive job market. This is because videos are the best way to convey your message concisely and in a compelling manner within a high-profile world.

As per research, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text portrayals. Therefore, Video Resumes can promptly convey our message and attract recruiters. Moreover, they can be memorable. By watching your resume in the video form, recruiters will have more clarity on your profile and understand easily whether you are the best choice for a particular job role.

It also depends on the industry you are applying in, e.g., the creative industry focuses on innovation and team culture based on values. Here, your video resumes make the best first impression by highlighting on your most important skills.

Important Factors to Consider while Creating Your Video Resume

Following are the 5 tips for creating your first video resume:

Tip 1: Develop a Video Script

It’s always a healthy idea to create a Video Resume Script that promotes clarity and eliminates running sentences and extra verbal nods. Provide a simple example of your past experiences and demonstrate why your last job made you different from others. Explain what makes you unique and conclude with a compelling statement.

You can call Brilliant Resumes to create a powerful and concise Video Resume Script for you.

Tip 2. Focus on the Video Quality

You must create a video resume using a standard phone or a professional video camera, while ensuring proper lighting and a good background. The video must give a sophisticated look. A high-quality camera phone recording at least at 720p, at a quiet location with zero background traffic, office, or family noise, and good natural lighting, would create the best output.

Tip 3 – Use a Positive Body Language

You need to maintain the same poise, body language, and professionalism in your Video Resume as you would do for a job interview. Please smile and express your zeal for the post you are applying to. The smile ensures that you are open and happy to create the video. Use a friendly tone because that’s your first meet with the viewer.

Speak naturally, avoid making jokes, look straight at the camera, use a professional dress, avoid casual language, don’t sound scripted, avoid using long sentences, speak slowly and clearly, and make a brief resume video by focusing on mainly what you have done

Tip 4: Edit Errors in your Video Resume

After shooting the Video Resume you need to edit it using an effective online video editor to resolve background, sound, lighting, and cropping issues of your video resume. You need to make it more professional.

Tip 5: Share the Video Resume and track its Metrics

Now, you must host your Video Resume and share it on popular platforms. You can add it as an email attachment and keep a tab on follow-up emails. Or else, post your Video Resume on popular job sites where you can expect a prompt reply.

Several metrics to teach you simple ways to track when your Video Resume was opened and displayed. You can upload on free sites to record, screen, and send video as a link, or use a trial period site to record and broadcast the same with a track on views, or upload on YouTube in private mode and track viewer data.


So what are you waiting for? Come today to the No.1 Resume Writing Services in India, Brilliant Resumes, and impress your employer with your creativity, intellect, and personality.

We will create Video Resume Scripts in the most compelling way to tell the company why you would be the best resource they can hire. They are rapidly emerging as the new standard, so it’s imperative to create a video resume and deliver it to your potential employer. You will need some preparation and practice, and you need to reach out to the Best CV Makers to create the Best Video Resume Script within extremely affordable prices.



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