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Finding a Job after College To Grow Faster!

Finding a Job after College To Grow Faster

Finding a Job after College
As we consider college as one of the most formative periods of a candidate’s life, it is also stressful particularly when one needs to find a job after college. Securing a work can be competitive as well as frustrating because approaching graduation with zero job offers is not welcome to anyone.
Numerous people have faced this situation ranging from college fairs to LinkedIn outreach, therefore we have plenty of ways to get a job promptly and effectively.
If you are wondering where to start from, Brilliant Resumes offers you a comprehensive guide on how to find a job after college. There are majorly 3 reasons why recent college graduates struggle to find a job. Firstly, the competition is tough. Secondly, candidates lack real-world experience. Thirdly, they haven’t yet built a robust set of job-networking skills. Fortunately, they have control over the most important skill, i.e., networking ability.
1. Competition
Reports of a candidate-driven job market should not fool you. It’s always tough to find jobs as you compete with thousand other graduates. So, if you want to secure a job of a software developer, the competition is tougher. Curtailment of resources have hit major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon.
2. Less Experience
Employers hunt for candidates with effective resumes. Whenever a candidate fresh out of school, it’s easy for him/her to get passed over for someone with 6 or more years of experience under their belt.
3. Zero Networking Expertise
If one doesn’t have any prior work experience, he/she might lack a network of professionals to lean on. Even through LinkedIn it takes months/years to create robust networking skills. There are some shortcuts you can take as mentioned below. Although it’s a daunting task, you can still have some advantage if you’re an entry-level job seeker. Colleges can be demanding, but finding a job by a current student or a recent grad can be easy by following the undermentioned ten tips:
1. Decide your Career Goal
One should always find a job one loves, and he/she will never work a day in his/her life. Please ignore this popular if you want to get a job, because every job is a work, that’s the reality. Reflect on your college experience and your major, and understand where your passions lie. Hence, now you have your entire professional career in front of you, so don’t rush into it without proper research.
2. Develop your LinkedIn Network
LinkedIn is the best professional networking site. Create a profile and garnish it with a headshot, a banner image, and a compelling summary. Several professionals build their profiles and do some outreach by sending connection requests to people at your school, fellow students, professors, mentors, and career counselors.
3. Acquire Real-World Skills
The ultimate differentiator is experience as you’re looking for a job after college. So obtain an internship working for a professor or company, even if it’s in-person or online. Most of the internship opportunities will be volunteer-based or unpaid. So don’t be discouraged because the motive is not to work for free, it’s actually to obtain a tangible work experience to strengthen your resume. A few months’ free or low-paid experience will vastly improve your chances of getting hired.
4. Undergo Online Courses
Now if you are already into the working world, consider online courses that are a valuable resource to build skills and enrich your resume. Although courses won’t impress a hiring manager more than a resume with experience, they’ll definitely make an entry-level resume stand out.
5. Develop your Resume Professionally
Resume writing is almost a lost art. Quite often, people new to the professional world get outplayed by the competition, only because hiring managers don’t read resumes nowadays. They only screen them. So take the help of professional resume builders and get a compelling keyword-based resume crafted with proper preparation work.
6. Attend different Career Fairs
Most of the best job opportunities are within reach if one is willing to seek them out. College campuses offer extensive on-campus recruiting programs and host frequent career fairs.
7. Network with a Recruiter
One does not need to wait for a career fair to connect with companies. You can reach out to recruiters any time through Google and LinkedIn who will do the heavy lifting for you. Search for a company name or job title along with the term recruiter or hiring manager. Locate the person who aligns with your interests, and connect with him/her on LinkedIn to start the conversation.
8. Keep in touch with Recruiters
Connecting with recruiters is half the battle, the other half being keeping recruiters interested in you and your professional journey.
9. Don’t Get Discouraged
Landing up with a job after college is a numbers game. One might have to apply to 50+ jobs before getting an offer, and 200+ before getting an offer you actually like.
10. Ask for Professional Help
Most of the college students graduate without much knowledge about the working world. So you have to gain that knowledge from other professionals to feel confident about where to take your career and methods to get there.
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