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How to Convert Job Deliverables into Accomplishments?

How to Convert Job Deliverables into Accomplishments?

How to Convert Job Deliverables into Accomplishments?

When a hiring manager alarms you with a question saying “your resume mentions what you have done, but what have you accomplished?”

Here the hiring manager has a point, because it’s your accomplishments that will reflect how effectively you will reach goals in the new company as a result of your deliverables.

There are a few reasons behind this question:

  • Resumes often reflect only basic job descriptions
  • Elucidating accomplishments is not an easy task
  • Usually online job descriptions hunt for the duties you delivered, so it’s common for you to list them in your resume.

Don’t get discouraged. If your resume offers a comprehensive list of your deliverables, you’re halfway through.

You now need to transform those responsibilities into an impressive list of accomplishments.

Below listed are the methods to describe accomplishments on a resume or in an interview:

1. Understand the Need for Evidence

In case you have worked for several years as a corporate leader for a global organization, and you include the following statements in your resume:

Managed a global team of people.

The above description is a straightforward job duty, but it says nothing about what you have accomplished.

So, now try showing numbers and results.

Achieved over $50M as sales consistently for 3 years, while orchestrating a global team of 300 employees.

Since, hiring managers already know what the position’s duties are, they want to see how your job duties and claimed skills are portrayed in your resume that showcase numbers evidencing your success.

2. Compile a List of Questions

Proactively ask yourself the tough questions interviewers usually ask. Since, you have to show evidence, interrogate yourself.

Keep your current resume handy and ask yourself the following:

  • What problems I solved?
  • What made me great at my job?
  • Did I stand out in my last job?
  • How much cost savings did I do?
  • Are there any awards or accolades that I received?
  • Was I consistent in meeting or exceeding goals or quotas?
  • What did I do to go beyond job duties?
  • What new processes did I implement for improvement?
  • Was I ever recognized by a supervisor for a job well done?

Please take some time to note your responses to each of these questions in as much details as possible.

3. Illustrate Your Evidence with Numbers

Don’t stop with just basic answers to the above questions. Now, take the answers to your questions and add as many numbers and facts as you can. Ask yourself:

  • What is the number of people that got impacted by your work?
  • By how much percentage did you exceed your goals?
  • How much percentage of increase in sales or decrease in costs did you record?

Instead of just saying:

I managed the budget effectively.

Explain how much money you saved:

I tracked expenses and implemented cost containment initiatives, thereby achieving 2% budgetary savings for the fiscal year of 2015

This is what the manager is expecting, where you are quantifying your accomplishments, making them easier to understand the level of responsibility required to achieve accomplishments.

Henceforth, please ensure to add these facts and figures to help your resume application stand out among other candidates. Show the evidence of how you can value to the new company by showcasing how you benefited your last company and boss.

You can try the following on your resume:

Developed weekly presentations and team status reports to ensure client satisfaction.

Such a statement communicates to the hiring manager that you are capable of providing great service to both staff and clients.

Portray tangible evidence of your work to demonstrate why you can be considered as a great asset to the company.

Reasons behind this strategy

A resume full of accomplishments portrays that you know methods to execute with a passion. It’s the most effective way to show an employer that you mean business, and how working together will be mutually beneficial. As some industries are more competitive than others, some positions are also highly coveted than other job positions. Whatever industry or position you are seeking, you need to be noticed among other job candidates. Therefore, you have to showcase specific accomplishments rather than listing vague duties.


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