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10 Tips a Resume Writer Should Follow

10 Tips a Resume Writer Should Follow

10 Tips a Resume Writer Should Follow

With the advent of digital globalisation, professionalismin every sphere has become indispensablein our lives. Gone are the days when an exuberant job seeker would rush to his nearby café to prepare a resume which he would carry with him on the day of interview.

These days’ companies prefer extremely professional resumes. They depend solely on the resume to gather a basic idea about the candidate. Professional resume writers in Chennai and many other parts of the world come as a relief to cater to the needs of the job seekers. The writers are well aware of the industry standards and deliver tailor made resume for each candidate.

Here we have come up with a few tips that a resume writer should follow in order to write a great resume

Using Appropriate Keywords

Before writing a CV one needs to research and understand the job position the candidate is applying for. In order to apply for the employment, the writers must determine what skill set the resource must hold. Using those talents as keywords aids in the preparation of a CV that is tailored to the needs of the job seeker and helps him land his dream job.

For example, if a person is applying for a Senior Accounts Position, the related keywords maybe “Auditing & Taxation”, “GST”, “TDS” etc. These words may be used in the first part of the resume writer under skills at a glance to attract the attention of the employer.

Review Resume Examples for Your Industry

Creating an impactful resume demands a good research on the samples available for the relevant industry. Some of the best resumes maker in India have few traits which make them stand out from the rest. The resume should be easy to read. Using clear font is very essential and also proper choice of words become a major factor in delivering a professional resume. The employers have very little time to go through the resume so it should be crisp and to the point. Just a glance would be enough for the employer to understand the capabilities of the candidate.

Another crucial point in drafting a resume is keeping it short. The first half of the resume should contain key points, one-word explanation of the skill set, short sentences to demonstrate the major deliverables of the job seeker. This section should essentially contain relevant information to suit the employer’s needs.
Statistics should form a large part of the resume due to the fact that employers portray a positive response to measurable and verifiable records. Stats help them in evaluating and quantifying the contribution of the applicant in the company.

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Following the Chronology

While drafting a professional resume, one must include only relevant information which attracts the HR manager. The applicant must highlight and focus on the latest job details first. Old, unnecessary and irrelevant information tends to divert the hiring manager’s attention and he or she might miss out on the important aspects.

Clarity of Fonts

No HR Manager would spend more than few seconds toevaluate a resume. Where first impression creates the last impression, in such places one should completely avoid using curvy fonts. Very professional fonts should be used like Calibri, Arial etc. and the font size should be in between 10 to 12 points. One should also pay attention to the fact that maintaining unnecessary gaps can only raise an alarm as the employer might get de focussed on the resume. One must try to reduce the blank spaces wherever necessary as this will provide a compact look to the resume.

Highlighting Achievements

It is advised to highlight only the most important achievements in a separate section of the resume. Old and unimportant achievements must be trimmed in order to draw the focus of the employer only on the impact creating data.

Application of Appropriate Vocabulary

Choice of appropriate words forms the base of writing an outstanding resume. Power packed words like shouldered, earned, verified, accomplished etc. are recommended in delivering an industry standard creation. Few examples of the sentence structure maybe, “Shouldered the entire responsibility of preparing reports”, “earned the badge of best performer for the year” etc.

Space for the Most Essential Sections

One should understand which sections to include in the resume and which ones to avoid. Hobbies and freelancing are often avoided as they do not form a necessary part of the success history of the applicant. Various templates have various sections. One should be cautious about creating sections as no two persons would be requiring same sections. One may have very small or no work experience at all. He or she may be a fresher. In such cases it is always advisable for the candidate to highlight the courses he or she has undertaken or completed.

Gaps & Margins

As per standard, there should not be too much of blank spaces and gaps in the resume. One should consider keeping an inch margin on all sides of the resume. Lines should be single spaced and the overall resume should look compact so that the employer stays glued to the content of the resume

Last Minute Checking

Once the resume is prepared, it is extremely necessary to go through the entire resume to check all the necessary details that are written by a resume writer. In case the applicant has missed out on any important detail, he or she can incorporate it before submitting the resume. Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors should also be checked time and again and rectified accordingly.

Uniqueness of the Resumes

It is very important rather necessary to make each resume a unique one. Posts are different and so are the experiences. In order to suit the needs of the applicants, one may research and come up with a unique and impactful content.

The above mentioned pointers are the few basic things to prepare a professional resume. Apart from these, one must research on relevant resume requirements. Professional resume writers in Delhi are exemplary in this endeavour.

We hope you enjoyed our article about resumes maker in India. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your resume and get the job of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Download a free resume template from our website today.



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